Monday, December 7, 2009

The Rig.

I've been DJing quite a bit lately. I've been a professional DJ for 23 years, now. Certainly my longest held source of income. Before I tore my equipment down at my last gig, I decided to take a few images of my current rig:

This particular venue is quite small, but I still bring in all of the equipment, as it provides a wider range of sound. Visible in this picture are a pair of JBL 2x15 inch cabinets and some of my light show. There are also a pair of 18 inch Yamaha sub-woofers.

These days I'm running a bi-amped system. In other words, I have one amplifier dedicated to only medium and high frequency sounds which are then transmitted to the JBLs on top and another amplifier dedicated to only low frequency sounds which are transmitted to the Yamaha subs. This process is managed by a crossover unit which decides how the frequencies are distributed. Any speaker system which has a low and high component (woofers/tweeters) has the same kind of system integrated into its design. If I recall correctly, I'm pushing 750watts through the mid/highs and 1200 watts through my subs.

I've also recently acquired a new centerpiece light for my light show. Unlike my older lights, this one uses LEDs. As such, it is brighter, has no duty cycle (time limit before it overheats) and lasts practically forever.

That's my return to the blogsphere. I'll try not to be so much of a stranger.