Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Daily Commute

Today, I decided to chronicle my daily commute between Saegertown JSHS and Maplewood JSHS. I teach French classes at both schools. This trip is pretty mundane for me now, but at times most of these scenes have struck me as interesting. For example, when the body of water (French Creek) floods, it looks like it's about to swallow up whatever vehicle I'm operating at the time. Or, the first time I passed "Faith Builders" which appears to be a Menonite school if one may judge by the apparrel their students adorn themselves with during their physical education times. (It's pretty wild to see fit young people doing a mile run in an ankle-length dress).

The pictures in the slideshow are in the order that they appeared on my trip, beginning with the old yellow truck and ending with the Maplewood front doors.