Thursday, February 19, 2009

French Coverage of Corruption in Pennsylvania!

Imagine my surprise today when, checking out the news in one of my favorite French news publications, I saw "En Pennsylvanie, des juges touchaient des commissions pour envoyer des jeunes en prison" More or less, this means "In Pennsylvania, judges receive kickbacks for sending youth to prison." More often than not, the news that makes it to France from my home state tends to come from the eastern half of the state.

I was surprised in a couple different ways when I read this: First, the fact that western PA was being covered by, not only an internationally respected publication, but an internationally respected French publication. Then, by the sheer callousness with which these judges scooted average kids off to boot camp. If I were these kids/their parents I'd be mighty pissed, my friends.

I think the French picked up on this because they like to catch corruption of government officials wherever it may occur. It's sort of a tradition for them.